About The Kelly Moore ColorStudio Collection

Kelly-Moore’s 1,721 new colors present endless color combinations. The ColorStudio Collection is a comprehensive color system with an additional five specialty color palettes:

California Lifestyles Palette: This new palette of 140 harmonious colors represents classic California neighborhoods and the West. These interior and exterior colors inspired by California’s nature can encourage and motivate any painter (DIYer or painting contractor) to confidently select colors without guesswork. This is a natural living color palette with a refined and rich sense of place.

First Impressions Off-White Palette: This palette, with 70 soft and subtle sheer whites, blends beautifully with other colors in the system. Inspired by the Western light, these colors are perfect for painters wanting to play it safe.

Accents Palette: This palette of 91 accent colors brings pop to any room. The edited color palette will display 44 of the 91 colors at Kelly-Moore stores (others are available online or upon request). These deep, vibrant accent colors add excitement and infuse energy yet are safe and traditional and work well for both interiors and exteriors.

Historic Lifestyles of the West Palette:  The Historic Lifestyles of the West palette (and brochure) features 106 historically accurate and modern regional color adaptations that bring an authentic flavor to both modern and historical homes designed in six Western architectural styles spanning 110 years: Victorian, English Revival, Spanish Revival, Arts & Crafts, Jazz Age and Retro.

Classic Colors Palette: This palette of 26 interior & exterior ready-mixed paint colors is the largest number of stock colors available through any paint company.

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